About Ghosts & Folklore in Savannah


Savannah embraces its history unlike any other city in America. As the last of the 13 Colonies, it embeds every significant event in American history. But unlike other early towns, Savannah has a deep history regarding loss of life, cemeteries, duels and death. Prior to its establishment in 1733 it was considered a district of the dead, a sacred burial ground for several early American Indian groups, especially the Creek and Yamacraw. It has been said that if you walk just four feet within the historical area, all you have to do is dig down 6 feet to hit bones of the dead. There were two yellow fever epidemics that killed thousands, the Revolutionary war killed hundreds, and slaves were buried in mass graves.

Naturally, tales of ghosts and folklore rise up from such a dark history. However, many of the tales and ghosts legends exist because of a great love that existed and was lost, between lovers. Do ghosts exist? Maybe, maybe not. What does exist are footprints or fingerprints of the past. They are everywhere. What are your thoughts on the above?

Daniel Bonnell

Savannah Ghost Legends