The Bells of Savannah

If you stand in the center of London during the top of any hour you will hear church bells ring from around the city. It is one of the great dynamics that makes London so great. If you stand in the center of Savannah during the the top of any hour you will witness the same dynamic. Part of Savannah's romantic history embraces its church bells. One of the oldest churches in Savannah, Christ Church, has a bell that was made by Paul Revere and his sons, however due to the church burning down twice, the bell tower was never rebuilt, though the original bell remains on site. The same is true for the First Independent Presbyterian Church. St. John the Baptist Cathedral has one massive bell weighing 7400lbs. and stands four feet tall. It gives off a deeper resonance than the other bells in the city. 

Here is a quick video allowing you to experience the bells of the Lutheran Church that is on Wright Square.

     The Church Bells of the First Lutheran Church on Wright Square

Historical Chandler Hospital and Its Death Room and Tunnels

The Historical Chandler hospital goes back to 1803. It is a historical building that has been restored to its original beauty and today it is a law school. View the video to learn more about the building, its history and it famous death room.

             The Historical Chandler Hospital

James of Wright Square

James is a icon of Savannah. He sits and sings and weaves on Wright Square. His artisan craft is weaving roses out of sweet grass (a form of lowcountry grass that is very easy to bend.) He sings and sells his creations to tourists that stroll by. He represents an era that does not exist any longer in Savannah. A hundred years ago there stood the city market place on Ellis Square. It was torn down and replaced with a parking lot that has since been torn down and replaced by restoring Ellis Square to shops. Slaves and feedmen would sell their produce and goods inside and outside of the market. They would sing to as grab a buyers attention. Below is a video of James doing just that.