Savannah Ghost Legends


“Eye Opening—Not Just Sight Seeing!” —tripadvisor

  • Only 15 People per tour

  • Tour with a Licensed Tour Guide who is a historical native

  • Discover the erie history of Savannah strolling by moon light

  • Innovative technology to view vintage photos and videos

    The tour begins on River Street directly behind City Hall by the river.

    The tour is Monday through Friday starting at 7:00PM, The cost is $30 per person.

    This tour is not for children.


Discover the History Surrounding The Ghost Legends

Savannah Ghost Legends is for the lover of history with a curiosity for the paranormal. Your two hour tour (7-9pm) leads you through the most historic, dramatic and haunted stops in Savannah. The innovative use of vintage photos, videos and movie clips using only your cell phone allows for a more in-depth tour experience offered only on this tour of Savannah. The tour begins on River Street directly behind City Hall near the river. The cost is $30 per person and runs from Monday thru Friday from 7:00-9:00pm. This tour is not for children.

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The Best Two Hours You Will Spend in Savannah is on this tour. This ghost legends tour is for the individual who appreciates history, even loves it. The legends of hauntings are embedded throughout the city within the history. This is not a tour to scare you, nor will you see any ghosts. It is a tour that reveals how the history spawns folklore, ghost tales and much more. Each patron is lead to a hidden website on their cell phone that reveals vintage photos, videos, and much more. You phone becomes a portal back into time. Your guide is one of the few licensed tour guides in Savannah whose history goes back to the 1700’s. Tour Savannah with a guide that is embedded into its history, stroll for two hours into the night and experience Savannah as only Savannah Ghost Legends can unravel.