Monday-Friday 7:00-9:00pm $30 per person Maximum of 15 people

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Presenting innovative technology using your cell phone, or internet data connecting device, to view vintage photos, film clips, and more.

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A vintage historical photo of Colonial Cemetery where over 9,000 people are buried.

This tour is designed for individuals who hold a love for history, and are curious about ghost legends and folklore.

Strolling through Savannah at night holds its own form of beauty, and childlike wonder, and a bit of fright. If you miss the 286 years of wonderful dramatic, and romantic history, then you were cheated out of seeing the real Savannah. This tour is for the mature adult that is not looking for a ghost, or expecting to be scared by their guide. It is a tour designed for those who want a more full tour of Savannah history that also embraces the spectral, dark history, and ghost legends. This is a 2 hour tour from 7:00-9:00pm Monday through Friday at $30 per person. A limit of 15 people allows your experience to be more valuable rather than taking a beehive tour of being lost in a crowd. The innovative technology of being able to use your cell phone/internet allows you to experience Savannah within a more meaningful context.


Savannah is the largest historical district in America. It holds all the beauty, drama, romance, wars, dark slavery, pirates, folklore, and ghost legends. From Spanish wars to the Revolutionary Battles on land, and sea, to the Civil War. Savannah is embedded with it all. Your guide embraces his own heritage with the Lowcountry going back to the 1700’s and incorporates technology using your cell phone, and internet, to connect you to a secret website that allows you to see vintage photos, videos, and more! This is the only tour in Savannah to incorporate this technology. The two hour tour cost is $30 per person. The tour runs from 7:00-9:00pm Monday through Friday. There is a limit of 15 people per tour to ensure an interactive time with the guide. The start of the tour is on the Riverwalk directly behind City Hall by the river.


The best two hours you will spend in Savannah!

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