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Starting on River Street, directly behind City Hall, your self guided 360 degree tour takes you directly to 9 of the most historic squares in Savannah plus Forsyth Park, and Colonial Park Cemetery, within an easy loop starting on River Street.

You will be walking directly south on Bull Street and directly north on Drayton and Abercorn Streets. If you stop at every guide stop and choose to read, watch and listen to each information point, your tour will take between 90 minutes to 2 hours depending on how fast you walk, and how long you stop.

Each stop reveals the best places to eat, have a drink, or to relax as you continue your tour eating or drinking. These “Best Eats” information points makes it fun to catch up on any information points you missed, plus it allows you to fast forward to the tour allowing you to go as fast as you want on your walk seeing the history you learned prior while having a breakfast, lunch or drink.